National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) – EMT

Fall 2017 Course Description

This in-classroom course is designed to meet the 20 hour National Component of the 2016 National Continued Competency Program. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a course completion certificate.

The National Competency Component requires all EMTs to obtain 20 hours — in addition to 10 hours under ‘Local’ and 10 hours under ‘Individual’ of continuing education (40 hours total). The topic areas for the National Component is published by the NREMT every four years. The most recent revision of the National Component was published in October 2016 (see program curriculum below). For detailed information on the NCCP recertification model, please click here.

Airway/Respiration/Ventilation: 1.5 Hours

Ventilation [1 Hours]

Oxygenation [0.5 Hour]

Cardiovascular: 6 Hours

Post-Resuscitation Care [0.5 Hour]

Ventricular Assist Devices [0.5 Hour]

Stroke [1 Hour]

Cardiac Arrest [2 Hours]

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest [2 Hours]

Trauma: 1.5 Hours

Trauma Triage [0.5 Hour]

Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury [0.5 Hour]

Hemorrhage Control [0.5 Hour]

Medical: 6 Hours

Special Healthcare Needs [1.5 Hours]

OB Emergencies [0.5 Hour]

Infectious Diseases [0.5 Hour]

Pain Management [0.5 Hour]

Psychiatric and Behavioral Emergencies[0.5 Hour]

Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids[0.5 Hour]

Neurological Emergencies – Seizures[0.5 Hour]

Endocrine Emergencies – Diabetes[1 Hour]

Immunological Emergencies [0.5 Hour]

Operations: 5 Hours

At-Risk Populations [0.5 Hour]

Ambulance Safety [0.5 Hour]

Field Triage—Disasters/MCIs [0.5 Hour]

EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety, and Vaccinations [0.5 Hour]

EMS Culture of Safety [0.5 Hour]

Pediatric Transport [0.5 Hour]

Crew Resource Management [1 Hour]

EMS Research [0.5 Hour]

Evidence Based Guidelines [0.5 Hour]

Fall 2017 Course Information


Current EMR, EMT or Advanced EMT certification 


Berkshire Mall, Rte 7 & 8 Connector Rd., Lanesborough, MA 01237 

Days, Dates & Times:

  • Saturday, September 9, 2017 – *8AM – 5PM
  • Sunday, September 10, 2017 –  *8AM – 5PM
  • Monday, September 11, 2017 – *6PM – 10:30PM

(Total hours: 22.5 – must accommodate lunch and break periods)


This course is FREE for all area EMR, EMTs, Advanced EMTs, and Paramedics

Course Schedule:

September 2017 NCCP Course Outline 

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