Pet CPR & First Aid


SJG is now Certified to Teach Pet CPR & First Aid!

We know how important your pet is to you; therefore, SJG Training is pleased to announce it is now certified to teach Pet CPR & First Aid through the Pet Health Academy.

Training programs include:

Green-Checkmark-smallCommon Issues in cats & dogs
Green-Checkmark-smallHow to check vital signs
Green-Checkmark-smallHow and when to restrain & muzzle
Green-Checkmark-small1st Aid skills & techniques
Green-Checkmark-smallChoking treatment
Green-Checkmark-smallCat CPR & Dog CPR
Green-Checkmark-smallRescue Breathing
Green-Checkmark-smallHow to deal with poisoning
Green-Checkmark-smallDealing with seizures and bloat

In an effort to provide ideal training opportunities, please let us know if this is something that interests you, family and/or friends.

Please click here for upcoming programs