AED Program Details



You’ve committed to making your organization safer by investing in an AED. The next step is to make sure that your AED program meets local, state, and federal requirements and is prepared to help your on-site first responders save lives when an emergency strikes.

SJG Emergency Training can help you design, implement, and maintain a compliant AED program, whether your organization has one AED or several.

Our AED Program Management service is primarily used by the following organizations:

Green-Checkmark-smallLarge corporations
Green-Checkmark-smallSmall and medium-sized businesses
Green-Checkmark-smallGovernment agencies
Green-Checkmark-smallMilitary and law enforcement
Green-Checkmark-smallSchools and colleges
Green-Checkmark-smallCommunity organizations

Federal and several state regulations require AED & CPR instruction, AED maintenance, record-keeping, and a licensed physician to oversee your AED program. Our comprehensive AED Program Management service is a complete source for all of these requirements.

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

As a leading distributor of AEDs, we provide access to all the highest rated and reliable defibrillators available on the market. With your choice of Cardiac Science, Defibtech, HeartSine, Philips, Physio-Control and ZOLL, we will create a custom package to guarantee the best prices.

AED Selection

Our highly trained staff will help you select the device that best suits your organization’s needs. In addition, we help you develop your workplace program by assessing and determining the number of AEDs your facility should be equipped with to allow for optimized response time to cardiac arrest.

AED State Laws Experts

Navigating through federal, and sometimes state, laws to be compliant with your AED can be difficult and overwhelming. Our AED experts will determine what steps you need to take to be in full compliance with your FDA-regulated AED device.

AED & CPR Training

SJG Emergency Training offers the highest standard in AED and CPR education as an American Heart Association-authorized provider and ESCI Education Center Training Center. As part of our AED Program Management service, we deliver on-site AED and CPR classes with a manikin and device ratio that never exceeds 3:1.

AED Maintenance and Record Keeping

We will maintain your AEDs by having an SJG Emergency Training technician perform service inspections and replace any expired electrodes/batteries on a scheduled basis. In addition, we’ll keep records of certification dates, employee training, and test scores, as well as monitor program inventory, locations, serial numbers, and equipment maintenance.

Medical Prescription and Oversight

SJG Emergency Training will secure medical oversight to ensure that your program is both compliant and medically sound. Our role is to provide medical leadership, offer guidance in equipment selection and deployment, ensure appropriate training, and develop guidelines for responders, among other tasks.

Benefits of Our AED Program Management Service

Green-Checkmark-smallSaves administrative time
Green-Checkmark-smallMakes record keeping easy
Green-Checkmark-smallGuarantees compliance
Green-Checkmark-smallCustomized to your organization’s needs
Green-Checkmark-smallEnsures that your AED program is fully prepared to save lives
Green-Checkmark-smallAlerts you when your equipment needs to be replaced or your staff needs retraining

Let us handle the administrative details of your AED program, so you can feel confident knowing that your business is adhering to all of the necessary protocols. Our AED Program Management service is a sound investment that will decrease liability and increase compliance, all the while enhancing the effectiveness of your organization’s AED program. Our service covers everything from medical oversight to maintenance issues, so you’ll have a single point of contact overseeing all aspects of your AED program.

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